The Advocates

Who We Are

The Advocates is a group of attorneys in the Santa Cruz area who have been practicing for ten years or less. We meet the second Thursday of each month to get to know each other, let off some steam, and commiserate about issues specific to newer attorneys. The meeting location changes each month, but our meetings are generally held at a local bar or restaurant. We know that it can be difficult to show up to the County Bar events knowing no one, so we try to provide a casual atmosphere to get to know other newer attorneys so that you feel comfortable fully participating in this legal community.

The Advocates Mission

To provide newer attorneys a casual forum that fosters candor for discussing issues specific to the early stages of developing a legal career, to encourage participation in the legal community, and to create a sense of belonging. We support one another in developing and maintaining a high level of professionalism and ethics to which all attorneys, regardless of level of experience, should aspire.

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